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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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The Way Things Were By Anne Weaver

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 - Updated: 7:41 PM

ABOUT THE WEEK OF NOV. 6, 1964, the state Department of Motor Vehicles cleared up an apparent misunderstanding of the meaning of the yellow light in a three-colored traffic signal as contained in the revised "Rules of the Road" which went into effect Oct. 1. The rules read: "Vehicular traffic facing a steady yellow signal is thereby warned that the related green movement is being terminated or that a red indication will be exhibited immediately thereafter when vehicular traffic shall not enter the intersection.

"Pedestrians facing a steady yellow signal, unless otherwise directed by a pedestrian-control signal, are therefore advised that there is insufficient time to cross the roadway before a red indication is shown and no pedestrian shall than start to cross the roadway."

As interpreted by the department, the yellow signal serves as a warning that the red (stop) signal is coming on within seconds. When the red signal is shown, no vehicular or pedestrian traffic shall enter the intersection.

"The spirit of the rule, however, is to end the practice of some drivers who deliberately try to 'beat the red light,'" the Department said, "thereby creating a possible dangerous situation for other drivers using the intersection. Drivers should be alert to the possibility that a traffic signal may change to red before they reach the intersection and, therefore, be prepared to stop when the yellow signal flashes on."

At HAMILTON COUNTY, an unofficial tabulation of votes showed the following results: it was apparent that Glenn Harris won a seat in the Assembly by about 50 votes. This was the first time Hamilton County had ever had a representative in the Legislature.

The vote by candidates: President and Vice President - Goldwater, Miller (R) 1,061; Johnson, Humphrey (D) 1,504; Johnson, Humphrey, (L) 98. U.S. Senator - Keating (R) 1,805; Kennedy (D) 992; Kennedy (L) 72; Psolucci (C) 24; Garza (SW) 2. Representative in Congress - King (R) 1,635; Martin (D) 879; Martin (L) 55. State Senator - Niles (R) 1,696; Stubley (D) 791; Stubley (L) 52; Van Wiggeren (C) 39. Member of Assembly - Harris (R) 1,900; Mahoney (D) 807; Mahoney (L) 55.

Two Republican candidates, John Heffernan for county treasurer and Arthur Parker for county sheriff, were unopposed. In Lake Pleasant, Leslie Reese (R) was unopposed for councilman to fill a vacancy.

At Long Lake: Supervisor - Jennings (R & D) 346; Farr (I) 244. Justice to fill vacancy - Lamos 278; Morley (D & I) 275. McIntyre, running on both Republican and Democratic tickets for councilman to fill vacancy, was unopposed.

Cady Oil Co. entertained officials of Hamilton and Herkimer counties at dinner at Overrock Inn, Wells.

At ARIETTA, Richard A. Gosson, crew leader, had announced the appointment of Rena Diedrich, Piseco, as an enumerator for the 1964 Census of Agriculture.

At INLET, the Inlet Parent Teacher's Club held its annual Halloween Party for Inlet children at the Community Hall. The committee helped make the party a success: decorations, Alberta Dodd; refreshments, Inez Rudd and Frances Payne; music, Nancy Dunay and Adelaide Ross; games, Janet Burwell.

The judges were Mrs. Joseph Kaiser, Rev. Francius Edie, Rev. Donald Milnes, Prof. Fred Raab. Prizes were awarded to the following: Pre-school - Prettiest, Pamelia Payne; Most Original, Queen and King of Hearts Kim and Mark Burwell; Funniest, Indian Herburt.

Kindergarten and First Grade - Prettiest: Baton Twirler Lorena Payne; Most Original, Renee Heroux; Funniest, James Dunay; Second and Third Grades - Prettiest, Kim Egenhofer, princess; Most Original, Gary Rudd, mummy; Funniest, Tonette Brigham, scarecrow.

Fourth and Fifth Grades - Prettiest, Mary Catherine Dunay, Old Lady; Most Original, Alan Cunningham, Jug of Cider; Funniest, Patrice Payne, Old Man; Adults - The Inlet Hillbillies, Peggy Payne, Beaulah Heroux. Also a White Rabbit came to the party and left without identity. Pumpkin Award, Mary Ross.

Broadway hits, light classics, and a sprinkling of folk music would highlight the program when the Continentals returned to South Lewis Central School in November. The mixed octet was enthusiastically received last spring when they performed here under the sponsorship of the South Lewis Central School Teachers Association.

Local tenor Mervin Murdock would be featured as soloist in the two popular medleys, "My Fair Lady" and "Kismet." Murdock was director of choral music at South Lewis.

The group was directed by Peter W. Cavallo. Cavallo was widely known in the Northeast as both director and baritone soloist and had made numerous guest appearances.

At MOREHOUSE, the Town of Morehouse expected to have its own volunteer fire company soon. A special meeting was held and a public hearing was scheduled to obtain taxpayers' approval to establish a fire company for a fire protection district recently approved by the state.

The new district covered about 10 miles on Route 8 and 12 miles on side roads. The nearest company to the proposed district was Piseco, 17 miles away. About 20 residents, headed by Supervisor Charles Partello, attended the meeting.

Francis Bourassa, State Division of Fire Safety, outlined steps necessary to organize a fire company. Hamilton County Fire Coordinator William Aird of Wells also spoke. A 500-gallon pumper and booster were the minimum requirement with 20 volunteers for manpower.


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