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Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Speculator, NY ,

Elaine Brophy of Lake Pleasant plants some annuals at Lake Pleasant Post Office. (Photo/Cristine Meixner)


Speculator / Lake Pleasant Garden Club By Lynne Brown

Monday, June 30, 2014 - Updated: 10:05 PM



Our Speculator / Lake Pleasant Garden Club is off to a very colorful start as we tackle "lots" and "lots" of major projects in this our sixth year of gardening. We remain 35 members strong including 21 "Buds," dirt buddies who work directly in the gardens; seven powerful "Roots" who support us with their ideas and hosting meetings; three "Seeds" who start new projects; several advisors and two fantastic "aqua engineers" who back up the thunderstorms.

We continue to maintain the gardens, planters, window boxes and barrels throughout the community while creating new gardens and parks. Our goal is to "naturalize" all we do by using trees, shrubs and perennials native to this area and/or hardy, cold and salt resistant.

You will notice many local rocks and boulders in our gardens instead of artificial materials. Of course, we continue with colorful annuals in our barrels (donated by our local businesses), triangle (donated by Lake Pleasant - Sacandaga Assoc.) and hanging planters.

Our chamber of commerce boasts a newly refurbished garden in front with transplanted perennials and additional rocks.

The triangle timbers have been removed and rocks will be added around the center garden. Additional gardens will soon be added to balance the triangle.


In keeping with our goal, this season marks the onset of our Tree Campaign. Now that our community is enjoying its beautiful benches we turn to another long-term project. We encourage the return of this area's native trees (such as red maples, river birch etc.) to our parks, public and private areas.

Several trees have already been donated at the newly established "Dean Lane Park" at The Four Corners. Each has a rock beneath it that will have an engraved, small plaque attached. We would love to add trees at our newly acquired lot at Speculator Park and the Village Beach, too.


Watch for work to begin as we beautify and naturalize the property next to Osborne Point. Our village and town highway crews will assist in "opening up" the park by moving parts of the large garden next to the rock wall.

New clusters of boulders, rocks, trees, shrubs and perennials will replace the long, formal garden so visitors may move easily throughout the enlarged park.

"Islands" of mini-gardens containing large lilacs, some perennials and one very important water spigot will remain. Rocks from the wall will be dispersed throughout the gardens, helping to reduce maintenance / weeding and creating a more natural look.

A dedication ceremony will be held Aug. 28 commemorating the Gene Tunney prizefighter years, when Tunney summered here and boxed in a ring on this very site. Stay tuned for details.

Garden Club meetings occur biweekly throughout the summer, usually at a picnic table at Speculator Park. If you'd like to join we'd love to have you. There's a niche for everyone.


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