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Speculator, NY ,

Ky. man charged in attack at BML

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - Updated: 9:47 AM


Express Editor

BLUE MT. LAKE — A Kentucky man has been charged with attempted murder after attacking a woman in Blue Mountain Lake.

Eugenia Thompson called Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office at 6:16 p.m. Monday, Aug. 9, to report she was attacked and her life threatened by Thomas P. Ellison, 60, Louisville, Ky. following an altercation.

She said Ellison threatened her with a flare gun, poured alcohol on her and attempted to set her on fire before leaving in a black Mazda Protégé with a Texas plate.

Ellison was located at a rest stop on State Route 28 north of Blue Mt. Lake. Sergeant Kevin Braunius charged him with attempted murder second degree and menacing second degree.

Ellison was arraigned in Indian Lake Town Court, where he was remanded to Hamilton County Jail without bail. He is scheduled to reappear in court Sept. 14 at 6 p.m.

After being booked at the jail Ellison told Braunius he had taken “a bunch” of pills, according to Sheriff Karl Abrams. Speculator Volunteer Ambulance Corps took Ellison to Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville, where he was in the intensive care unit until being discharged Friday.

Ellison was on suicide watch at the jail from Friday until Braunius took him to Central New York Psychiatric Center in Marcy Monday for an evaluation.

Deputy Corey Hutchins and New York State Police assisted in finding Ellison and making the arrest.


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Posted By: John David On: 10/12/2011

Title: Forgiveness

I have forgiven Tom, for ALL He did to me. R.I.P.

Posted By: Liz On: 5/31/2011

Title: Forgiveness

How sad that you feel such a need to spread bitterness and shame on our family. None of us are perfect and we all have made bad choices and some of us dealt with with our consequences better than others . Tom cannot defend himself any longer but he has family that loves him and they dont need to see such cruel and heartless comments about him. Would you want this for your children when you die? What will people say about you ? And like thumpers dad says "if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all " Bitterness can eat you up inside so learn to let it go Life is short Look for the good .

Posted By: John David On: 5/27/2011

Title: Sounds Like Tom

Well I must say after getting a call from Sonny, on this matter, I just had to come here and see what the fuss is about. Im so GLAD you 2 cousins of mine, thought that I wrote that little bit of TRUTH about Tom. TOM WAS A BAD SEED. You guys need to relize that, and stop blaming old JOHN DAVID. The Truth Hurts, the fact of this matter is, TOM was a bad seed ever since I knew Him. I have good memories about ALL of you, but NONE of TOM. This will be my FINAL word on this matter, you guys keep taking your shots at me if it makes Toms death any easier for you.

Posted By: On: 5/23/2011

Title: jerk

Sounds like poor little J>D. is a mean little jerk just like we all knew .you really were jealous of him wern't you ? grow up you big dumb idiot and show some compassion and class...... opps I forgot you never were known for that were you? RIP Tom we love you!

Posted By: Liz On: 5/23/2011

Title: sounds like tom

tom was my uncle also and whoever wrote that comment is obviously a very disturbed and sick person .are you such a small man or just stupid and cruel? I guess you are a real upstanding and perfect person . You are a real prize yourself and most of us dont think to much of you anyway . Make sure your front porch is cleaned before you worry about everybody elses. I know God has forgiven Tom and has welcomed him home may you rest in peace Tom I have many wonderful memories to cherish when I think of you .Say hello to gramdma and grandad for me ! I love you

Posted By: On: 5/21/2011

Title: Sounds Like Tom

Tom was my Uncle, this doesn't surprise me.

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