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Additional DMPs available for hunters

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - Updated: 9:47 PM

ALBANY - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has announced that approximately 35,000 Deer Management Permits will be issued to hunters who were previously denied permits during the initial application period earlier this fall.

Leftover DMPs are also available in several Wildlife Management Units.

DMPs, which allow hunters to harvest antlerless deer, are issued for specific WMUs to control deer populations. In order to provide DMPs at point-of-sale locations DEC must anticipate the number of applicants in each WMU and assign a probability to each unit in order to issue the appropriate number of permits.

This year, DEC received fewer permit applications than projected in many WMUs.

To issue the remaining DMPs DEC randomly selects applicants who were previously denied permits in these affected units. DEC has completed the selection and has begun mailing permits to selected applicants.

In addition to those who were previously denied permits, applicants from the following WMUs may receive DMPs (the approximate number of permits to be mailed is in parenthesis). For WMU locations, refer the 2013-14 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Guide or visit DEC's website at

Hudson Valley Region: 3C (400), 3F (900), 3G (640), 3H (500), 3J (360), 3K (120), 3N (660), 3P (400).

Capital Region: 4B (60), 4C (190), 4F (970), 4G (540), 4H (310), 4K (200), 4O (310), 4P (670), 4R (70), 4T (820), 4U (70), 4W (200), 4Y (700), 4Z (120).

Adirondack Region: 5R (230), 5S (480), 5T (50).

Western Adirondacks / Eastern Lake Ontario Region: 6C (60), 6K (780), 6P (710), 6R (550), 6S (340).

Central New York Region: 7A (530), 7J (1300; all denied applicants), 7M (1890), 7P (470), 7R (3240), 7S (560).

Western Finger Lakes Region: 8M (370), 8P (540), 8S (470), 8T (600), 8W (560), 8X (1570).

Western New York Region: 9H (3500), 9J (1300), 9K (640), 9M (1360), 9N (1550; all denied applicants), 9P (570), 9T (230), 9W (1110), 9X (220), 9Y (240).

Hunters not selected for a DMP will not receive a mailing from DEC. Selection for one of these permits will not affect any preference points issued hunters who were not selected for their first choice area during the original application period.

Additionally, in some WMUs, all applicants received permits during the initial application process or correction process; however, the DMP target was still not reached. In these units, DEC will reopen the DMP application process on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hunters may apply for leftover DMPs at any DEC license sales outlet. Leftover DMPs will not be available by phone, by mail or via the Internet.

Applicants who previously paid the $10 DMP application fee or those that are exempt from the application fee will not be charged for this additional application.

Applications for leftover DMPs will be accepted for the following WMUs: 1C, 3M, 3R, 3S (bowhunting only), 7F, 7H, 7J, 8A, 8F, 8G, 8H, 8J, 8N, 8R, 9A, and 9F.

During this extended application period, DEC will issue DMPs for an individual WMU all day. The status of permits will be reviewed each night. As individual units are filled, they will be removed from the list of those available effective the following day, with no further applications accepted for those units.

A list of units with available leftover DMPs will be routinely updated at


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