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IL law keeps veterinarians out

Friday, November 08, 2013 - Updated: 5:46 PM


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE – Veterinarians are not welcome in Indian Lake. It’s not that there is any law preventing veterinarians from living here, but there is language in the town’s Adirondack Park Agency-approved local land use plan that prevents veterinarians from opening up a clinic and plying their trade.

This little known fact was brought to light when Councilwoman Sally Stanton came before the Indian Lake Planning Board Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Stanton said she became aware of this oddity in the code when she heard a veterinarian recently was interested in moving here and opening a clinic, until learning the code specifically excludes veterinarian clinics and kennels from operating in the town.

Stanton, who in addition to being a town councilperson, also heads the Indian Lake Planning Committee, which seeks to revitalize the town. She told Planning Board members, “I am extremely interested in attracting businesses to town. I am here to appeal to you to look at the ordinance for ways that might help realize our potential.”

The rules and regulations preventing a veterinarian business go back to when the town came up with a land use plan that was approved by the APA back in the 1970s. Since then there have been a few minor revisions, but none considered the oddity of preventing veterinarian clinics and kennels from applying for a conditional use permit.

The board agreed it might be time to form a committee to look at updates and revisions to the land use code.

The APA, which oversees zoning in the Adirondack Park, has no objections to veterinarian clinics or kennels.


In February Dennis DeLong of Shallow River Logworks, Middleburg, Pa., came before the board seeking some direction on plans he has to develop land he owns between Chamberlain Road and Lake Abanakee, bordering property owned by members of the Virgil family.

DeLong, a builder of custom log homes, told the board the plan as currently conceived would include six buildable lots, plus one vacant lot to be held in common by a homeowners association.

The board was in favor of his plan, but warned its chief concern would be the access road. It is little more than an eight-foot wide driveway, about 2,900 feet long from the road to the lake, that would need to be widened and improved to accommodate emergency vehicles.

A problem beyond the board’s authority is the numerous wetlands on the property. On this issue, the board advised DeLong to check with the APA on how to mitigate that problem.


DeLong did, and returned to the Planning Board Nov. 6 to request a waiver from the 50-foot width required for a road, a compromise that would bring it down to a 16-foot wide surface with two-foot wide shoulders on both sides of the road.

Delong said the APA had inspected the wetlands and would prefer an eight-foot wide road through them, but is willing to accept Indian Lake Volunteer Fire Department’s recommendation that the road be at least 16 feet wide for the safe passage of emergency vehicles.

After some discussion, the board passed a resolution granting the request but with the following conditions: there be a 50-foot wide right-of-way maintained to allow for possible future development that might require a wider road; there be pull-offs every 500 feet to allow for snow to be piled; and at least two 15 mph speed limit signs be posted.


John Starling, owner of Blueline Inc., a bus garage behind Community Bank, has applied for a conditional use permit that would allow him to use the garage as a automotive repair garage and a NYS Inspection Station.

Currently the garage is used only for the repair and inspection of his Blueline buses.

The board agreed his application is complete and scheduled a public hearing on it for its next meeting Wednesday, Dec. 4, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.


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