Letters to the Editor - 01/16/2013

Death on the highway

Dear Cris,

Today is Jan. 9. Coyotes ran a baby deer into the road by Piseco Lake. It is almost eaten up.

I came back into Speculator at noon. One deer ran in front of me and then by Speculator Auto and Lakeside Licks were two deer in the daytime. The deer are constantly crossing the roads.

Coyotes and fox follow deer into town where they also eat dogs and cats.

My ancestors used top snowshoe back to the Dug Mountains and cut a couple of hemlock trees for deer to feed on. Maybe we should feed deer back in where they used to yard up for winter. I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not but let’s do something.

I’m a hunter and trapper who hates to see deer hit in roads. Cars are killing more deer than hunters are.

If deer are back in wild forest with hunters they can at least outwit him and survive. Deer will never learn about cars.

Last summer I got a picture of a bear in town.

Hunters and trappers need longer camping permits in wild forest where they can monitor these animals.

If it is determined to feed deer I would gladly carry a bag of corn back in.

Let’s get EnCon and its rangers to help stop feeding deer along roads. Listen to hunters and trappers. Wild Forest Forever.

Lewis N. Page Sr.


A terrible toll

To the editor:

Tobacco takes a terrible toll on the people in the counties our agency covers. I mainly work in Montgomery County and when working with youth about the dangers of tobacco they think everyone smokes because all the people around them smoke.

My sister died at the age of 52 because of her tobacco use. We watched her slowly die from cancer that basically devoured her body. She went from 140 pounds to 65 pounds.

People used to think tobacco use only caused lung cancer; now we know it attacks every organ in the body. The dangers of second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke have become evident through research. Children and other bystanders become victims of people who smoke.

Tobacco control programs educate citizens about the dangers of tobacco use. One of the students whose father was hospitalized with breathing difficulties due to tobacco use said, “If he was president he would eliminate all tobacco factories.” Here is a second grader who has the solution.

For my information please visit www.projectactionhfm.org or contact Betsy Reksc of the HFM Prevention Council at 736-8188 ext. 107.

Betsy Reksc

HFM Prevention Council