Snowarriors seek grooming help


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE -- The Indian Lake Snowarriors want the town to work with them to keep snowmobile trails in tip-top shape.

As Joe Cunniff, a member of the snowmobile club's board of directors, put it, "All trails should begin and end in Indian Lake. If the trails are great, then that's business for the town. How do we insure trails are great? By us working with the town."

During the Indian Lake Town Board's Monday, Jan. 13, meeting Cunniff suggested the town provide its discounted price for fuel to the club.

"We have the volunteers and the equipment to help groom the trails. We want to have a discussion on working together," he said.

Club President Andy Meyers added, "What we are concerned with is having the town sponsor us as a grooming entity so we can be reimbursed by the state parks and recreation department."

Supervisor Brian Wells said he is agreeable to having such a conversation to see how the town can legally honor the club's request.

The board agrees good snowmobiling trails are important to the winter economy.


If the quality of snowmobile trails is important to the economy, so too is the quality of its lakes and streams.

Wells passed out copies of a Warren County law prohibiting the introduction and transportation of aquatic invasive species into its bodies of water.

Invasives can make waters less attractive for boating and swimming, and have a negative effect upon fisheries.

The Warren County Board of Supervisors passed the law in 2011, making the county the first to adopt such a law in New York state. The law imposes a fine of up to $5,000 and up to 15 days in jail for violators.

Wells asked the board to study the Warren County law as a guide for drafting something similar. A public hearing would be required.


Wells said he has had some conversations with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation officials who say the agency might have some funding available to help the town with upgrades and repairs to the dams on Adirondack Lake and Lake Abanakee.

Wells said the estimate for the Adirondack Lake dam is $1.5 million and the estimate for Lake Abanakee is about $1.2 million. He intends to learn more and see what needs to be done to get the aid.


In December the board heard presentations from two firms on the feasibility of installing solar panels on town property.

At this meeting the board authorized Larsen Engineering, Rochester, to apply for a $5,000 grant from the NYS Energy Research and Development Authority for a study. Larsen would be paid $2,000 from the grant to do the study.

If the panels are installed the board hopes to see a 20 percent or more reduction in the town's electricity costs.


-- The board has rejected an offer from Titus Mountain Family Ski Center in Malone to purchase the town's T-Bar equipment. The board is concerned that if the equipment goes skiing will never return to the ski hill. The plan now is to see if there is any way to use the T-Bar for tubing.

-- Wells has appointed Meade Hutchins as his deputy supervisor.

-- Wells and Councilman Jack Valentine were appointed to the Bargaining Unit / Policy Committee. Councilpersons Sally Stanton and John Rathbun were appointed to the Interview Committee.

-- Town Clerk/Tax Collector Julie Clawson was planning to mail out corrected tax bills Jan. 15. The two percent late fee penalty will not be charged on bills paid by Feb. 28, because the first mailing was incorrect.

The Indian Lake Town Board will next meet Monday, Feb. 10, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.