Cuomo should apologize

Dear Editor:

Governor Cuomo has said that those with traditional values and those who oppose his disastrous NY SAFE Act have no place in New York state.

SCOPE President Stephen Aldstadt Jan. 18 called on Governor Cuomo to apologize to the people of New York state, to abandon his extremist left wing agenda and to represent all of the people of New York state as governor.

Is this really the kind of state you want to live in? A state ruled by the tyranny of the majority? Has the Governor crossed the line?

Be careful what you wish for. Statements like this are not only un-American; they have a tendency to backfire as today's majority can be tomorrow's minority. That is the beauty of a republic vs. a democracy. Our "Republic" has the rule of law that prevents, or at least is supposed to prevent, the tyranny of the majority, which is what you get in a democracy.

Our "Rule of Law" is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. When that is being abused or is forgotten about you walk a slippery slope.

Newspaper editors across the state should be alarmed at the Governor's comments and join SCOPE in demanding an apology from Governor Cuomo.

Frederick Braband