Vote was not counted

Dear Editor,

Please alert absentee voters in Hamilton County to the situation I found myself in -- my absentee ballot was not fully counted in the November 2013 election!

When I read the election results in your paper, including the details of the write-in votes, I did not see my write-in vote accounted for. Containing myself I asked the Hamilton County Board of Elections commissioners for the 'official' results and when I still did not see my write-in I asked if my ballot had been received. It had.

So I asked for the procedure for a recount (canvass) because I did not see my write-in. Within a day or two I received an email reply indicating the two commissioners had reviewed the ballots from my voting district and found three write-ins has not been counted. (I only take credit for one so one or two other local, absentee persons also did not have their absentee ballot write-ins counted).

They apologized saying they had learned a lesson. Of course none of the write-ins changed the outcomes but it was a cold shower on how a voter might think their ballot is being fully counted when it is not.

By the time all this to and fro was over it was past the Election Law time limit for an official protest according to Article 9, Title 2, Section 9. However a 'ministerial error' was acknowledged promptly and with courtesy.

Hopefully future absentee voters will join me in being watchful to see that their write-ins are among those officially recorded, even if they won't change an outcome. For whatever reason we did our write-ins they are as a valid as an in-person vote and they deserve to be counted and recorded on par.

Nancy Grosselfinger, member-at-large

League of Women Voters

Raquette Lake