Lost ski areas are found in new book

CHARLESTON, S.C. - The History Press has announced a new title, “Lost Ski Areas of the Southern Adirondacks” by Jeremy Davis. It includes Silver Bells in Wells.

The Adirondack region has long been a favorite of skiers. Downhill ski areas developed during the Great Depression, when New Yorkers looked for an affordable escape to beat the winter blues.

Over the coming decades ski areas expanded with new lifts, lodges and trails. Despite the popularity of the sport, many ski areas have disappeared, yet countless people still hold fond memories of them.

Ski historian Jeremy Davis chronicles the history of these vanished ski areas with photographs and memories from those who enjoyed them, while also paying homage to restored and classic skiing opportunities still available in the Adirondacks.

Davis is a passionate skier and has enjoyed exploring skiing history from the moment he learned how to ski. A 2000 graduate of Lyndon State College in Vermont, he is a senior meteorologist at Weather Routing Inc. in Glens Falls, where he provides professional weather forecasts to marine clients worldwide.

Davis has served on the New England Ski Museum’s Board of Directors since 2000. His website, the New England / NorthEast Lost Ski Areas Project (www.nelsap.org), has been in operation since 1998, and in 2009 it won the prestigious Cyber Award for best ski history website from the International Ski History Association.

He is also the author of “Lost Ski Areas of the White Mountains” (2008) and “Lost Ski Areas of Southern Vermont” (2010). He is a member of Ski Venture in Glenville, one of the oldest ski clubs that still operates a rope tow-only ski area.

He resides near Saratoga Springs. The 160-page book costs $19.99.