Regional tourism office has a plan for the county


Express News Staff

LAKE PLEASANT -- ROOST has a plan for marketing Hamilton County to tourists this year.

Carol Joanette, executive vice president of sales and marketing at the Regional Office Of Sustainable Tourism in Lake Placid, presented the plan to the county's Publicity, Tourism, Planning & Economic Development Committee Monday, Jan. 27.

ROOST has the 2014 contract to market Hamilton County as a tourist destination.

The Board of Supervisors allocated $250,000 for marketing and $25,000 to ROOST for administration. The $250,000 includes $113,742 from the county and $136,258 in regional co-op funds.

As part of the contract ROOST is required to submit an annual marketing plan for approval and provide quarterly reports to the supervisors.

The plan is to spend $76,268 on fall and summer TV ads, $10,000 on a fishing campaign, $23,000 on a snowmobile campaign, $6,990 on a birding campaign, $30,000 on a web/print public relations contract, $10,000 on updates to the tourism web site at, $13,000 on local events, $5,000 to distribute brochures, $500 to attend travel shows, $1,000 to promote Hot Deals, $10,000 for keywords / digital ads, $11,000 on updating website content, $18,242 on web hosting updates and $10,000 for press releases.


The 14-page report is quite detailed. It shows those who come to Hamilton County are predominantly repeat visitors, and those who come here for the first time are usually people who have heard about the county from family and friends.

But in terms of marketing the county to those who have never been here, most arrive after learning about it on the Internet. Once deciding on a visit, the Internet is the primary way of choosing where to go, where to stay and what to do.


Inlet Supervisor John Frey suggested more information on and promotion of biking and mountain biking should be available on the web pages.

Long Lake Supervisor Clark Seaman said promoting bicycling is one of the goals of the five towns of The Upper Hudson River Recreation Hub.

Joanette agreed this is a good idea.

She also plans on adding a blog to the web pages so people can become involved and add their opinions of their Adirondack experiences.