Lake Pleasant / Speculator / Arietta Community Calendar

Wednesday, Feb. 5: 9:30am, Adk Lakes Quilters meets, Piseco Community Hall--548-6347; 7pm, Knit Wits, LP Library.

Thursday, Feb. 6: 9am, Osteobusters, Grace Methodist Church (GMC).

Friday, Feb. Feb. 7: 3:30-5:30pm, Food Pantry Open, North Country Bible Fellowship.

Monday, Feb. 10: 9am, Osteobusters, GMC; 7pm, LP Town Board meets, Town Hall; 7pm, Speculator Board of Trustees meets, Village Hall; 7pm, Morehouse Fire Dept. meets, firehouse.

Tuesday, Feb. 11: 2-4:30pm, NYS Health Care Navigator, Village Hall--866-5091 or 857-6705; 4:30pm, Friends of LP Library meet, library; 5pm, AA meets, LP Methodist Church; 5:30pm, Indoor Soccer, LP School; 6pm, Arietta Planning Board meets, PCH; 7pm, LP Fire Dept. meets, fire hall; 7pm, Morehouse Town Board meets, Town Hall.

Wednesday, Feb. 12: 9:30am, Adk Lakes Quilters meets, PCH; 1:30pm, LP Senior Citizens meet, Senior Center; 6pm, LP School Board meets, school; 7pm, Knit Wits, LP Library.

Thursday, Feb. 13: Immunization Clinic, HC Courthouse--648-6141; 9am, Osteobusters, GMC; 6pm, Piseco School Board meets, school.