Sees a different side

Dear Editor:

I read with dismay Mr. Bissell's letter in the Jan. 22, 2014 Express. Mr. Bissell's description of my wife Camille and me as "constant complainers" was distressing, but also confusing.

Since I have seen Mr. Bissell in attendance at only one board of education meeting in the last three years, and in all the time I have served on the BOE he has never communicated with me in any way about school business, I wonder about the source of information upon which he bases his assessment.

Over the years, Camille has volunteered on more than seven school committees, including serving as chair of the Shared Decision-Making Committee and making major contributions to the Senior Experience / Field Trips Committee.

She held offices in the Long Lake PTSA and was the creator and organizer of the popular Community Connections evening, which she began in 2001 (originally called "Family U").

I myself have provided professional training to faculty and staff at LLCS on numerous occasions, over many years, on a variety of topics, at no cost to the district. I've chaperoned many field trips and supported the sports programs. Camille and I housed and fed performers for both African week and French Canadian week at no cost to the district.

Up until a year ago, I believe Mr. Bissell would have included me on his "good school board member" list. Only after the superintendent embarked on a path of unprofessional behavior, to which I openly object, has Mr. Bissell taken exception with me.

I understand how Mr. Bissell has been charmed by the superintendent. Both Camille and I had that same experience and enjoyed a close working relationship with the superintendent; until, that is, we refused to be complicit in conduct that, in our view, compromises her leadership, calls her character and judgment into question, demoralizes school staff, and divides this community. Only then did we see a much different side of this superintendent.

Mr. Bissell has a right to call for my resignation, just as I have a right, and an obligation, to protect the integrity of our school.

Mike Nerney

Long Lake