Raquette Lake Winter Carnival is making its return Saturday

RAQUETTE LAKE - Raquette Lake boasts a sense of community and true Adirondack pride with its annual Winter Carnival.

Youth participate in winter games such as snowshoe relay, goalie’s day off puck shot contest, snow dodge ball and this year an afternoon envelope-making craft class held at the school. Adults can have their turn at making envelopes with a separate evening class.

Stan Kolonko from The Ice Farm will be coming back to Raquette Lake to build an ice fire tower. It will be lit immediately following the fireworks.

There’s plenty to do for children and adults alike. Adults let loose and participate in the ice golf tournament, a carnival favorite.

Women can take out some aggression with the annual Ladies Frying Pan Toss. Ladies gather from miles around to send a custom griddle flying. Be sure to sign up fast, because only the first 50 ladies get a chance at the coveted title of Frying Pan Toss champion.

When the streetlights come on an old Raquette Lake Winter Carnival tradition will return, a tug-of-war battle in the street beside Raquette Lake Library.

Worried about the chill? A bonfire will be blazing all day long and the library and Raquette Lake Tap Room are always warm and welcoming.The fun continues Sunday with the Raquette Lake Cross Cut Competition at noon. Get the best time and take home a prize.

Contact Raquette Lake Parks and Recreation at (518) 624-3077 for more.


Organizers are seeking tasty baked treats and cookie donations to sweeten up the carnival. Cookie donations can be delivered to the library. Questions? Call the library at (315) 354-4733.


10 a.m. Kids Games

10 a.m. Adult Envelope Making Class, RL Library

12 p.m. Ladies Frying Pan Toss

1 p.m. Co-ed Ice Golf

1 p.m. Ice Tower Construction

2 p.m. Kids Envelope Making Class, RL Library

6 p.m. Tug of War

Dark Fireworks, Lighting of the Ice Tower

Times are subject to change.