The Way Things Were -- 02/19/2014
By Anne Weaver

ABOUT THE WEEK OF FEB. 19, 1965, At HAMILTON COUNTY, the Hamilton County Public Health Commission held its bi-monthly meeting at Harr's Hotel, Indian Lake. These officers were elected: Chairman Dr. M.J. Hosley, Vice Chairman Dr. H.F. Carroll, Secretary Norman Storer (County Welfare Commissioner) and Recording Secretary Mrs. Stella King. Other members were Public Health Nurse Mrs. Beatrice Simons and supervisors Donald Wadsworth of Hope and Carlo DiMezza of Benson.

District Health Officer Dr. C.M. Steward was with the commission for the first time as medical director for the Physically Handicapped Program of Hamilton County, which was recently added to the Public Health Program by legislation. Mental Hygiene was discussed: prevention, new techniques, evaluation of clinical services, day treatment centers, treatment of older patients at home, mentally retarded and alcohol patients.

Mrs. Simons reported for September, 1964 to February, 1965: Clinics - Long Lake, January and February for all ages; Inlet - October, school and babies; Speculator - October, school and babies, February - babies; Piseco - November, babies, December, adults; Indian Lake - four months, well baby and school; and Raquette Lake - November school, December, babies.

Raquette Lake, Inlet, Lake Pleasant and Piseco had eye and ear testing completed and Indian Lake was completing. Mrs. Simons attended various conferences and symposiums and took students and patients to conferences and clinics. She assisted at a glaucoma clinic at Indian Lake in Nov. with 28 attending.

William E. Baker, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, had appointed these standing committees for the year: Highway - Wadsworth (Hope), DiMezza (Benson), Partello (Morehouse), Wickes (Lake Pleasant); Equalization - Wadsworth, Partello, Bird (Inlet); Sheriff - Wickes, Burgess (Indian Lake), Jennings (Long Lake); Footing Assessment Rolls - Wadsworth and all members.

Building: DiMezza, Wadsworth, Burgess. Tax Extension: Partello, Wickes, Burgess. Printing: Wickes, Jennings, Orr (Wells). Clerk: Partello, DiMezza, Orr. Welfare: Wickes, DiMezza, Bird. Treasurer: Orr, Wadsworth, Bird. Finance: DiMezza, Partello, Bird. Justice and Constable: Wickes, Burgess, Orr.

Tax Exemptions: Bird, Wadsworth, Orr. Miscellaneous: DiMezza, Wadsworth, Wickes. Soldiers and Sailors: Jennings, Burgess, Orr. Civil Service: Partello, DiMezza, Jennings. Aviation: Bird, Wadsworth, Wickes. Conservation: Wadsworth, Bird, Burgess. Forest Practice Act: Wadsworth, Donald Mace Burgess.

Fire Training School: Orr, Wickes, Burgess. Publicity: Jennings, Orr, Burgess, Partello. Memorial Day: Bird, DiMezza, Jennings. Rules: DiMezza, Wickes, Wadsworth. Public Health: Dr. M.J. Hosley, Dr. H.F. Carroll, Norman Storer, secretary; Mrs. Stella King, recreation secretary; DiMezza, Wadsworth. Insurance: Jennings, Orr, Partello.

State Equalization and Assessment: Wadsworth, Bird, Wickes. Compensation Schedule: Wickes, Wadsworth, Burgess. History: Wickes, Wadsworth, Burgess. Adirondack Park Association: Bird, representative. Development: Bird, Wadsworth, DiMezza. Communications: Jennings, Orr, Burgess. Civil Defense: Orr, Wadsworth, Wickes.

At INDIAN LAKE, Turner Electric was advertising a big, zero-degree freezer holding up to 84 lbs. frozen food, automatic defrost refrigerator, only 28 inches wide, two-door convenience, three cabinet shelves, porcelain enamel vegetable bin, butter compartment, two ice trays with wire rack cover to simplify removal, two door shelves and 12 cubic feet net volume for only $279.95.

At INLET, take a piece of pinewood, three inches by eight inches, a Cub Scout and a father, put them all together and they spell success. This is what happened to David Thibado and his father, Charles. The Fort Stanwix Council of Boy Scouts held a Pinewood Derby Race at the Verona-Vernon Central School. All members of the council were invited to participate.

Over 180 entries were on hand and the competition had to be divided into heats. David won eight successive races and became the only undefeated participant in the whole tournament.

Boys from all over the central section of the state were on hand. The Hamilton County News editor opined, "It's rather gratifying that one of our lads from this small area in the mountains went down to the competition and let them know that our boys up here are as capable if not more than any of the city-slickers."

This was a Cub Scout and Father Project as the scout had to make the vehicle with the help of his dad. Apparently David and Charles had the proper formula for making their racecar. Three cars raced down a straight incline for a set distance in each heat.

David Thibado's car was built or designed in such a fashion that no one else could come close to the speed and agility of his model.

The American Legion Smorgasbord and Dance would be held at the Wood Hotel, Inlet.

Thomas N. Thibado, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Thibado, Inlet, had been accepted at the State University of New York at Albany. He planned to major in Business Administration. Tom would graduate in June 1965 from the Town of Webb Schools, Old Forge.