Piseco school saves on insurance

PISECO - Piseco Common School District is saving over $500 a month on health insurance premiums.

The Board of Education has switched health insurance plans for the district’s four retirees. That move changed the premium from $750 to $212 per month.

Transportation Director John Rajca has recommended purchasing an external antenna for the building to improve two-way radio communication with the school buses. Currently it is often necessary to go outside and use one of the bus radios to contact a bus on the road, especially those that go to Johnstown.

A proposal from Patrick Crouse to give youth guitar lessons was approved and a Teen Movie Night is being set up.

Resident William Hotaling expressed concern that the fund balance of $400,000 to $500,000 was not reported on any of the annual school budget reports.

Resident Susan Casey asked if the BOE is charging a building use fee for any of the classes the school offers.

Casey noted that if someone charges for a class they are running a business out of the school.

Concern was also expressed about not charging non-residents for use of the building or participation in some of the classes.

Editor’s Note: This article is based on draft minutes of the Piseco Common School District Board of Education meeting of Jan. 10, 2013 as provided by District Clerk Vickie Orr.