What a state

Dear Cris,

This letter is in response to Gov. Cuomo's efforts to give a college education to New York state inmates. The state apparently has extra money to spend so he wants to use it to give college educations to inmates. The idea makes me laugh!

Think about it. If perhaps these people had more of an education they would not be behind bars. If this state has so much money that it wants to throw it away educating inmates, let's use it to help out New Yorkers. Give money back to small upstate schools that are struggling financially to educate our students.

You could also use it to lower tuitions at our colleges, so students do not need two or three jobs to be able to attend our colleges.

Give it to NYS companies trying to survive in this tax-ridden state so 2,000 jobs do not have to go to Alabama. Educate our young so they do not end up behind bars.

To use the old saying, why close the barn door after the horses are out? You want to educate inmates bring back the shock camps or the chain gangs. We are paying $60,000 a year to house each inmate, let's make them earn their keep.

Wake them up at 5:30 a.m., feed them breakfast and take them out to work for eight hours a day. Use them to help New Yorkers recover from storms Irene, Sandy and future natural disasters.

Think about it Gov. Cuomo hire New Yorkers to watch and educate these inmates. Everybody wins!

Think about the message you are sending our young people. Commit a crime, go to jail, receive medical benefits, get three meals a day and now get a college education without going into debt for years. What a state!

Brian H. Hutchins