Rangers, speak out

Dear Editor,

Rangers are quick to tell me they don’t make the rules and would like to help me when camping.

I’m allowed one month camping in Wild Forest with a permit; then I have to remove my tent. Then I’m only allowed to camp in other places for three days and have to remove my tent.

I was told if I put my tent in another Wild Forest area I could get a permit for two weeks, any time so long as I keep moving. I hunt and fish West Canada country. I don’t want to camp in Siamese Ponds country or other areas.

I’m 72 and can’t move my tent every three days. No one knows where I set my tent except the rangers. I harm no one. I challenge the rangers, if they want to help me, speak out and notify the governor and the public.

I think the state Department of Environmental Conservation, its rangers etc. will be enforcing new gun laws. I haven’t read anything on how they will help hunters and campers with this matter.

To me my rifle and camping represent the same as the American flag -- freedom. Now they are going to put even more restrictions on them.

I think Encon and its rangers should stand up for hunters’, trappers’ and campers’ rights. They are the ones that go into the woods and know the problems we face.

If rangers aren’t going to monitor wildlife and deer populations (I was told wildlife comes under another department) and look into hunters’ and trappers’ complaints and only do law enforcement, issue burn permits, check on camps and search and rescue then they are only stewards of the forest.

I feel I care more for forest and animals than they do. The deer population is very low. Everybody is so afraid for their job they don’t speak out.

I was told I should try to have these rules changed, write the governor and other politicians, so I’m trying. I was told by friends not to stick my neck out.

Wild Forest Forever!

Lewis N. Page Sr.