Honor Roll

Indian Lake Central School

INDIAN LAKE - Indian Lake Central School has announced the honor rolls for the second quarter of the 2012-13 school year. To achieve high honors a student must achieve an average of at least 92.5. For honors an average of 87.5 to 92.4 is required.


Grades 3-5: Bradley Harvey, Ruby Lewin, James Zumpano and Natalie Puterko.

Grades 6-8: Lauren Johnson, Benjamin King, Thomas Ross, Macie Smith and Bryce Hutchins.

Grades 9-12: Dominick Miller, Cheyenne Wilder, Shannon Farrell, Andrea Brown, Robert Miller, Margaret Carroll, Abigail Darling, Colin Farrell, Jessica Bain, Emily LaPrairie, Colleen Pine, Chelsea Walters, Taylor Wells, Kyle Douglas, Morgan King, Emma Gray, Sydney Hinckley and Kaylyn Bennett.


Grades 3-5: Garrett Hutchins, Marilla Liddle, Angelina Oliver, Aidan Atwell, Emily DeShaw, Kylie Cannan, Shelby Benton, Alexandrea Campbell, Justice Locke and Kristina Oliver.

Grades 6-8: Jonathan Stanton, Sierra Sipperly, Scott Puterko, Chase Hutchins, Molly Brouthers, Rachel Monthony and Andrew Brown.

Grades 9-12: Benjamin Hinckley, Vicky Franco, Pamela Bennett and Chaitin Giessen.