Sales tax continues upward trend


Express Editor

LAKE PLEASANT - Sales tax revenues in Hamilton County have gone up for the fourth year in a row.

Figures obtained from county Treasurer Beth Hunt show revenues for 2012 were up by $17,911 over 2011 and by $113,082 over 2010.

The gain over 2011 was jerky, with the first and third quarters up and the second and fourth quarters down. The third quarter went up fairly significantly, by $49,859.

Local businesses expect the first quarter sales tax revenues for this year will be up significantly over the first quarter of 2012, when January, February and March saw just one good snowmobiling weekend. This winter has been far better for snowmobiling and other outdoor sports.

The county budgeted $2.45 million in sales tax revenues for 2012. Actual sales tax revenues exceeded that by $105,661.

County sales tax

2001    $2.20 million

2002    $2.31 million

2003    $2.24 million

2004    $2.53 million

2005    $2.28 million

2006    $2.60 million

2007    $2.58 million

2008    $2.44 million

2009    $2.38 million

2010    $2.44 million

2011    $2.54 million

2012    $2.56 million