LL going after grant for shared garage

By By PETE KLEIN, Express News Staff

LONG LAKE - The Long Lake Town Board is hoping it can win up to $800,000 in a shared services grant for a garage that would be used by the town and county highway departments, Long Lake Central School District and Long Lake Fire District.

When the Town Board met Wednesday, Feb. 27, it authorized Supervisor Clark Seaman, or in his absence Deputy Supervisor Cynthia Thompson, to submit an application under the 2012/13 New York State Local Government Efficiency Grant Program for funding for the garage project.

The intent of the proposed project is to provide the county, town, fire department and school district with the ability to house and/or maintain their vehicles in a new garage to be constructed by the town.

The new garage would be built next to the county garage and would have six bays.

The county garage is in good condition, but the town garage has been in poor shape for over 10 years. The school doesn't have a garage and its buses are stored outside. The fire department garage is in good condition and is part of town hall.

School buses could be stored in the new garage and the town, county, school and fire department could use the new garage and its lifts to work on their equipment. This could be a big savings for the school, which has been sending its buses to Tupper Lake to be worked on.


The board approved renewing the inter-municipal agreement among the Town of Long Lake, Essex County and Hamilton County 911 emergency services for 2013. This a renewal of the contracts entered into for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, with the same terms.

In January the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors authorized renewing the inter-municipal agreement on behalf of Hamilton County for the provision of E911 service to the Town of Long Lake through Essex County.


-- The board approved the $11,750 quote from General Control Systems, Green Island, to upgrade the variable frequency drive system at the Bissell Pit water pump station.

-- The board approved a request for a local Eagle Scout project to construct and place around town six bat houses to help control flying insects such as mosquitoes.

The Long Lake Town Board will next meet Wednesday, March 27, starting at 7:30 p.m. in Long Lake Town Hall.