Oak Mt. subdivision okayed



SPECULATOR - The Village of Speculator Planning Board has approved subdividing the Oak Mountain Ski Center property into two lots.

Zoning Officer Spencer Tracy told the board Tuesday, Feb. 25, that he has all the applications and Adirondack Park Agency permits from the Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency for its plan to subdivide the property.

Tracy said the subdivision would break off the actual ski center from three parcels on either side of Novosel Way. One is 4.5 acres to the west of the road, one 5.8 acres to the east of the road and one at the bottom west side of the road is .74 acres.

A town snowmobile trail currently crosses the top two parcels. Bill Osborne from the IDA said the IDA will protect the snowmobile trail when it determines the future of the property.

"It is our intent, if it is not left as it is, that it is altered or changed in such a way that it continues to serve the same purpose," he assured the board.

The APA has withheld a non-jurisdictional ruling on the largest parcel because it has some wetlands near Elm Lake Road, Tracy said.

Osborne noted the IDA intends to eventually bring the road up to the quality required for the village to accept it as a village road.

"There are a whole bunch of problems with that," Tracy said.

One is that the water and sewer lines installed by a former owner run down the middle of Novosel Way and would have to be moved, Osborne said.