Students should apply

Dear Editor,

ACT, the community foundation serving the Adirondacks, offers $165,000 in scholarship opportunities this spring.

Students and families seeking financial aid for higher education can learn more from their school guidance counselor or by visiting for a list of the scholarship grants available to Adirondack students, application information and deadlines for submission.

Please don't hesitate; the deadline for most applications is April 15.

Generous people who understand both the value of education and its cost created these scholarships. They want to help students attain their educational and lifetime goals

 In turn, by taking advantage of scholarship assistance, you are helping a donor achieve his or her philanthropic goal.

Thousands of generous people use ACT to support the things they care about: education, arts, human wellbeing, disaster relief, you name it. For information about giving with ACT, contact Executive Director Cali Brooks at (518) 523-9904 or

Andrea Grout

Adirondack Community Trust

Lake Placid