Some perspective needed

Dear Cris,

I read with interest the Hamilton County Express of March 6 and the reporting of the Village of Speculator's $90,000 loss on its rescue and operation of Oak Mt. Ski Center.

Perhaps some perspective is needed to determine if "loss" is an apt description of the Village Board's actions. In the five years it ran this historic winter gathering place the average payroll was $135,000, spent exclusively on local workers who in turn spent their hard-earned dollars here in town.

Thousands of dollars were collected and returned to Hamilton County in the form of sales tax on food, beverage and clothing purchases. Scores of volunteers and donors rallied to the call, to once again have our local kids skiing here, and senior citizens were able to enjoy a mountain of perfect size and scope.

Local merchants and our chamber of commerce did all they could to ensure that this last big parcel of private business was saved to bolster our winter commerce and build on our main summer and fall attractions.

Today, a young family is working to complete a deal with our county IDA that will, I trust, complete the most successful public / private partnership we have seen in decades.

This property has been the place of a thousand efforts and a million memories, from town ownership, through the toil of the Wilburs, Giffords, Novosels and Germains.

As has been pointed out before, this investment was done at less cost than it takes to run the Village Beach. To all who helped in this community endeavor, congratulations; job well done!

Neil P. McGovern, supervisor

Town of Lake Pleasant