LP agrees with Oak contract


Express News Staff

LAKE PLEASANT - The Lake Pleasant Town Board has put its stamp of approval on the Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency's agreement with Oak Mountain LLC, but the vote was not unanimous.

The board passed a resolution Monday, March 4, approving the agreement between the IDA and Oak that allows Oak to forgo paying property taxes while it is leasing the property from the IDA.

The vote was 3-1. Councilman Bob Peck abstained because he is a member of the Industrial Development Agency's board. Former Oak owner Councilwoman Nancy Germain voted nay.

Oak Mt. LLC is paying the IDA $1 a year to lease the property from Aug. 3, 2012 to Aug. 2, 2014. It is required to invest at least $150,000 in year one (this year) and at least $75,000 in year two (next year) in the ski center and has agreed to pay the IDA $50,000 for the property on Aug. 3, 2014.

Under the deal Oak will start paying property taxes Aug. 3, 2014.


Resident William Paestella complained about the closure of trails and bridges on "The River Trail" that runs through wetlands along the very edge of Sacandaga River in Speculator.

Desrochers explained the closures are a safety issue. He said, "We're looking for a better trail than the river trail. Snowmobiles and groomers have been breaking through the ice."

Supervisor Neil McGovern said the town would be looking to replace the trail with a trail further from the river.

In a related matter, the board authorized Superintendent of Highways Leo Desrochers to purchase a 30-foot deck trailer from Circle L Trailers, Mayfield, for $6,345. It will be used to transport snowmobile trail groomers and other highway equipment from one work site to another.


The board unanimously supported a resolution to back the New York State Sheriffs' Association's position on the NY SAFE Act signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in January.

NYSSA has identified six provisions of the new gun control law it believes will help protect people from violence committed with guns, but believes modifications are needed in other areas to clarify intent and allow sheriffs to properly enforce the law in their counties.

"The thoughtful and deliberate positions expressed by the sheriffs stand in stark contrast to the cynical passage of this dubious piece of work," McGovern said in a statement issued after the meeting. "When government is done in secret, and too quickly, all parties and peoples are done a disservice.

"Our town will continue to work with our county, law enforcement and reasonable legislators to insure our citizens their Second Amendment rights and the unfettered ability to defend their family and property."

The Lake Pleasant Town Board will next meet Monday, March 18, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.