No problem with road

Dear Cris,

I would like to comment on the article you wrote in the March 5 issue of Hamilton County Express. It concerns the subdivision at Oak Mt. and the water and sewer line in relation to the road (right of way).

Now that Mr. Osborne has his old job back, his memory of the project is a little fuzzy. I am the previous owner he refers to.

The sewer line is on one side of the road and the water line is on the other side of the road. They are both in the correct position in relation to the road.

I had the sewer line engineered and surveyed. The project was approved by the Village of Speculator. The Adirondack Park Agency also approved the project since they had control of it at the time. Village personnel monitored the project as it was being done.

I am surprised Mr. Osborne does not remember, since he was involved for the Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency.

The sewer line does not have to be removed; it is in the right place. The water line was installed 50 plus years ago. It is also in the correct location.


Norman Germain

Lake Pleasant