More to the story

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the front-page story that appeared in the Hamilton County Express on March 20, entitled "Big M and IGA contenders for Indian Lake." There was additional information reported during Mr. Kelleher's presentation that was not included in the article and is pertinent to the present state of establishing a full-service grocery store for our community.

As a follow-up to Mr. Kelleher's report and as the Indian Lake Community Development Corporation's Main Street Revitalization Committee chairperson, I made numerous phone calls to determine possible interest among parties associated with the Big M and IGA food distributors.

Local food markets Charlie John's General Store (Big M) in Speculator and Diorio's Supermarket (IGA) in Old Forge presently have no interest in expanding their businesses into Indian Lake. Dan's Big M in Eagle Bay did not return my phone calls.

In addition, I also contacted the wholesale food distributor for Big M, C&S Wholesalers, and IGA, Bozzuto's, to inquire about possible leads to entrepreneurs and investors who might be interested in establishing a grocery store in Indian Lake. Neither offered suggestions nor recommendations.

As our community moves forward in our search for affordable healthy food choices, Mr. Kelleher's report will be a useful tool as also, the follow-up research conducted which was omitted in the May 20 article.

Brenda Valentine

Indian Lake