Board approves prom date request


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE — For years there has not been a policy at Indian Lake Central School concerning the age or school enrollment status of a prom date. When the Board of Education met Thursday, March 21, it became a hot topic for two reasons.

First, the BOE had before it a recommendation from the Shared Decision Making Committee to restrict prom attendees to those currently in school, excluding those who have graduated.

The suggestion came under fire because current student Kyle Douglas has made plans to attend his Senior Prom with last year’s valedictorian, Alyssa Cuthbert.

Douglas asked the BOE to at the least grant him an exception to the proposed policy because he has already made plans to bring Cuthbert, has ordered a tuxedo and only recently learned of the proposed policy. He stated he would not attend the prom if he were not allowed to bring Cuthbert.

The board members agree there should be a policy, but were uncertain the proposed policy should be adopted at a point so close to when the prom would be held.

There was also agreement that a policy should at the very least exclude anyone who is age 21 or older, because of concern an older date might want to drink alcoholic beverages before or after the prom.

The Shared Decision Making Committee is required under state Education Law. It is composed of parents, students, other townspeople, teachers, administrators and staff. Its recommendations are not binding upon the BOE, but must be considered.

BOE Member Bob Lewin led the discussion to a conclusion when he suggested, “For this year, let’s put an age limit of 20 to attend the prom and come up with a policy for next year.”

BOE Member Michelle Hutchins said she would like information on what other schools are doing before coming up with a policy.

This led to the board adopting the age 20 rule for now and agreeing to work on a policy for next year.

Douglas thanked the board for its decision, which will allow him to escort Cuthbert to the prom.