ROOST to help Indian Lake


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE -- The Indian Lake Planning Committee will meet with Jim McKenna and others from the Regional Office Of Sustainable Tourism Tuesday, April 4, at a time and place yet to be determined.

Chairman Sally Stanton says the committee will work with ROOST to help market the town, and hopes to gain some suggestions on how best to "brand" its marketing efforts.

Just six members attended the committee's Wednesday, March 19, meeting. One of the six is a new member, Marsha King Purdue.

Good news came from Bill Murphy, founder of Adirondack Teleworks, who said he is trying to work out a deal with the Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency for a short-term, $100,000, zero interest loan.

As Murphy explained it, the state awarded Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce $100,000 for Adirondack Teleworks, but the terms require the chamber to spend the money before the state issues the check. The chamber does not have $100,000 to spend up-front.

The purpose of the grant is to hire staff, fund training, expand outreach and identify new employers for telecommuting work throughout the county and the Adirondacks in general.

Murphy said ads have been placed to hire a director, and he hopes to hire someone by the end of April.

The planning committee will next meet Wednesday, April 16, starting at 6:30 p.m. in Indian Lake Central School's library.

The web site for the committee is at