LP Library boards at odds on an addition


Express News Staff

LAKE PLEASANT -- The Friends of the Lake Pleasant Library want the Lake Pleasant Town Board to amend a resolution adopted in 2012 that says the group has recommended an extensive addition to the library.

A letter from the Friends says it "never made a recommendation for an extensive addition..."

In addition, the letter says, "The FOLPL agreed only to be the receiver of funds because we were advised that was the only way the library Board of Trustees would be able to collect donations. We have since been advised that, in fact, the Town of Lake Pleasant could collect money for the library expansion project.

"The FOLPL has never felt an extensive addition was necessary; we were indeed told our opinion was not needed or wanted."

"It's a sticky situation," Supervisor Neil McGovern told the town board Monday, March 17. He has been unsuccessful in arranging a joint meeting with the two library boards.

He said FOLPL intends to attend the next town board meeting Monday, April 7, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall. "Anyone is always welcome to come to our meetings, and members of the library board can come too if they want," McGovern said.

No action was taken on the Friends' request. McGovern said he is opposed to making changes to a resolution because it could be a bad precedent.


The addition's estimated cost is $590,000.

Seventy-five percent of the first stage is to be funded by an $87,000 grant. The grant will not be awarded until stage two grant funding is secured.

Under the plan the library would grow by 2,500 square feet in three stages, from its current 2,300 square feet to 4,800 square feet.

The town board's approval was necessary because the town owns, heats and maintains the building. Among several other conditions, the 2012 resolution specifies that no taxpayer funds will be required for the planning and construction of the addition.