School aid to be increased

ALBANY--State Senator Hugh T. Farley announced on Wednesday afternoon, March 27, that the final state budget will reject the proposed cuts in school aid to Hamilton County schools and will instead provides significant percentage increases in state aid.

"I was very concerned that the Governor’s proposed budget would have resulted in state aid cuts of 28% for Lake Pleasant, 27% for Long Lake, 16% for Indian Lake, and 1% for Wells. I heard from many concerned residents and students about these proposed cuts, and the restoration of these funds was one of my top budget priorities," said Senator Farley.

Instead of decreases, the final budget will result in an increase in state aid (excluding building aid) of 14.19% for Wells, 12.91% for Indian Lake, 9.27% for Long Lake and 8.27% for Lake Pleasant.

"These schools face unique challenges given their small number of students, the large territory covered and the amount of state-owned land in the districts," said Senator Farley. "I am glad that we were successful in rejecting the cuts and securing additional funding to provide increased aid to each of the districts."

The Senate passed the school aid provisions of the state budget on March 27. The Assembly is scheduled to pass these provisions on March 28. Actual numbers ($ amounts) are expected to be available soon.