Arietta approves Rhodes subdivision


Express News Staff

ARIETTA -- A Public Hearing was held by the Arietta Planning Board March 11 on a request from Chris Rhodes for a subdivision at Evergreen Trailer Park for mining on the property.

Only a couple of questions were asked and Chris Rhodes answered them by indicating his plans and noting the locations on the survey map he had provided the Planning Board at a previous meeting. Zoning Officer John Casey noted he had no issue with the plans.

Board members had no other questions and the board approved the plan.

Rhodes did not have the Mylar maps made up just in case he had to change anything since initially presenting the plans. He will get them to Chairman Mary Kiewicz for stamping and signing or will bring them to the April Planning Board meeting.


Kiewicz mailed everyone the comments Nicole Allen of LeBerge sent to her with the APA comments attached. The Planning Board and John Casey went through the comments/suggestions and Mary will contact Allen as to whether we agree they should be changed or reasons why they should not be.

The Planning Board will next meet Tuesday, April 8, starting at 6 p.m.

Editors note: Article based upon the unapproved minutes provided by Board Secretary Marie Buanno.