Extend Dickerson's contract

To the editor,

This is my sixth year as the school nurse at LLCS and I have read your article about Mary Dickerson and I feel that it is terribly one-sided. I do not agree that 75 percent of the faculty and staff are dreadfully unhappy with the direction and leadership of LLCS.

I for one hope that Mary Dickerson's contract is extended and I don't believe that I am the only one that feels that way. Mary's door is always open to anyone who wishes to sit down and discuss anything no matter how big or small the problem, or just to check in.

Mary lives here in Long Lake and cares about the future of the school. I don't think that the people who are so quick to criticize her lack of leadership would like a superintendent who is unyielding and dictating.

As with any boss anywhere she is not going to please everyone, she is not perfect and some people will take issue with her personal choices. Instead of vague complaints about leadership I think it would be better if the supposedly unhappy 75 percent put their grievances in writing so that the specifics can be discussed.

Contrary to what is put out there by the "unhappys," we have a wonderful group of teachers who genuinely care about the students. Yes, we do have some students that go to another school for whatever reason their parents decided but we also have students coming to us from other districts whose parents decided that this school is special.

Speaking for myself, I have seen other schools and how impersonal they can be and all I can say is I love Long Lake Central School and wouldn't want to work anywhere else.

Gen Boyd, school nurse

Long Lake Central School