Too many questions

Dear Cris,

I was hiking back to my favorite lake to get to my favorite spot on that big rock where I used to catch fish. I had my fish pole and worms. I sat there a spell watching chipmunks. I didn't put the pole in the water because there aren't any fish any more.

I must have fallen asleep dreaming of old days with my dog Hiney. The next thing I knew, kersplash, I was in the lake. Well I crawled out and here come these two guys, well dressed, who asked where I was going. I said I'm going to camp to dry my hiney out.

They said, 'Camp, you can't have a camp you can only camp three days and carry stuff back out.' I didn't dare tell them about camp my ancestors had by Hiney Mountain.

I had two fungi in my pack. They said, 'Put them back or get a ticket. What are you doing with a fish pole, there's a season you know.' I said yes, I had heard of fall and spring.

They asked me again where I was going. I didn't dare tell them Hiney Mountain so I said Speculator.

I got to thinking I'd better tell people you can't fish, camp or collect fungus, or those guys will interrogate you on where you are going and what you are doing.

Lewis Page Sr.