League supports equality

Dear Editor,

The League of Women Voters of Hamilton County has joined the New York Women's Equality Coalition to support Governor Cuomo's Women's Equality Agenda.

The North Country Region coalition partners include the local League of Women Voters in Plattsburgh, Warren and St. Lawrence counties; 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East; Renewal House for Victims of Family Violence; STOP Domestic Violence / BHSN; and the YWCA of Northeastern New York.

During his Jan. 9 State of the State Address the governor presented the Women's Equality Agenda, a 10-point plan to break down barriers women face in the most essential areas of life.

Specifically the League of Women Voters supports the agenda's call for pay equity, extending workplace sexual harassment protections to all businesses, prohibiting employers from denying work or promotion simply because the worker has children, stopping source of income discrimination by prohibiting landlords from discriminating against tenants based upon lawful sources of income, stopping housing discrimination for victims of domestic violence, stopping pregnancy discrimination by requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodation for pregnancy-related conditions, protecting victims of domestic violence by allowing them to testify by video-conference instead of in the courtroom with the accused abuser, and protecting women's rights to make private reproductive healthcare decisions.

The Hamilton County League is particularly concerned with female equality throughout the life course, including girls and the elderly.

Anyone wishing further information about the LWV should visit www.lwvny.org or contact Nancy Grosselfinger at grosselfinger@hotmail.com.

Nancy Grosselfinger

Raquette Lake