Enough is enough

Dear Editor,

Most people probably don't know what has been happening behind the scenes with the snowmobile river trail in the Village of Speculator.

Early in February a bridge collapsed on the lower river trail and the Town of Lake Pleasant and/or the town highway superintendent made the decision to close the whole trail. At no time this winter was the upper river trail unsafe to ride from the ball field to the burn pit.

Numerous inquiries regarding the trail closure led nowhere. Many felt only the lower trail warranted closure, not the whole trail.

Because of the closure the village sidewalk became the main corridor for all snowmobilers to frequent businesses. Due to all the heavy traffic the damage is evident to our only decent sidewalks in the village, not to mention the damage to residents' front lawns.

The question is who is responsible for rectifying all the damage? I don't believe it should be left to the village taxpayers.

For a good 15 years the Town of Lake Pleasant and the snowmobile club have stated they are working on an alternative trail, to no avail. Don't you think it is time to say enough is enough and come up with a solution for this so-called 15 years of planning?

Bill Paestella