Adirondack Memory Walk is June 15

INLET - Take a walk June 15 from Arrowhead Park to Drake's Inn and back along the new Elaine Townsend Trail installed last year and raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer's Association. Register at http://

The walk is less than three miles. Golf carts are provided for those who are not able to walk but are there to support the event, or maybe benefit from it.

This is the fourth year for this walk. In previous years it went from Arrowhead Park to Eagle Bay and back. This year it will take advantage of the new Elaine Townsend Trail that connects the sidewalk from downtown Arrowhead Park at Limekiln Road to Drake's Inn.

It was Elaine Townsend's vision to see that the children who lived beyond Limekiln Road had a safe path to walk to school and to the downtown. With money from the Laura Musser Fund and in-kind services by Inlet Highway Department this happened in 2012.

Last year this event took in over $5,000. Over 50 people walked while others gathered for the music and silent auction that followed.

Last year the walk was in memory of Walter Schmid, who founded the ski trails at Fern Park and ran the ski shop for many years. He succumbed to Alzheimer's in 2011.

Sixty percent of the money raised from this event goes to the Alzheimer's Association. The other 40 percent goes to the Resource Center for Independent Living's local respite program that gathers every Wednesday in Inlet Town Hall.

This year's walk will be in memory of Lorraine Stripp and anyone else who has died from the complications associated with Alzheimer's during the past few years.

Sign up, get sponsors and show up June 15 at Arrowhead Park; and/or consider donating something to the popular Chinese auction.