LLCS budget still above cap on tax levy


Express News Staff

LONG LAKE -- Long Lake Central School District's proposed 2014/15 budget is at $4,104,403 as revealed at the April 10 meeting of the Board of Education. This is $44,616 more than it would have to be to keep within the state-mandated cap on an increase to the tax levy.

Subtracting projected revenues of $487,226, fund balance (money not spent this year) of $643,281 and a planned fund balance for next year of $285,000 leaves an estimated tax levy of $2,688,896.

This is an $87,350 or 3.36 percent increase over the $2,601,546 tax levy in the 2013/14 budget.

The tax rate under the proposed budget is estimated at $4.32 per $1,000 of assessed value. This would be an additional $16 in taxes on a home assessed at $100,000. Such a home's school tax would go from $415.98 in the 2013/14 approved budget to $431.94 in the 2014/15 proposed budget.

BOE President Christine Blumberg said, "There are no cuts to staff or programs in the budget. Anything further would have impacted the students."

BOE Member Michael Nerney said, "I think this is a good budget."

BOE Member Christine Campeau said, "This is the best we could do."

Unless the BOE can find a way to reduce the budget by $44,617 between now and the May 20 voting, at least 60 percent of the voters will need to vote in favor of the budget for it to be approved.

If 60 percent or more of the voters (two votes are allowed) do not vote for the budget, the BOE must adopt a budget with a zero increase in the tax levy.

Superintendent Mary Dickerson said she and BOE Member Robert Keough would call on local groups and organizations to explain the budget and answer questions.


The board approved Nicole Curtin as Outdoor Club advisor with a $300 stipend, Michelle Gannon as Tennis Club advisor with a $600 stipend and James Piraino and Richard Dechene as Golf Club advisors with a $150 stipend each.

Amy Gerhartz, Joseph Koehring and Nicole Curtin were given tenure. Susan Pienta will be a substitute.

Stephanie Wells and Mary Hatile will be election inspectors at $75 each and Vickie Snide will be an alternate at no extra cost.

The next regular meeting of the board will be Tuesday, May 13, starting at 6 p.m., with the public hearing on the budget starting at 7 p.m.