Elliot Lane: just one more time


Express News Staff

SPECULATOR - The Village of Speculator will repair the right-of-way at the end of Elliot Lane for the last time.

Claire Craven, who owns the former "The Hangar" property near the end of Elliot Lane, asked the Board of Trustees Monday, April 22, to repair the unpaved section of the road where her vacation home is located.

According to Craven, the Highway Department damaged the road when plowing snow and picking up garbage.

Mayor Letty Rudes, who sold the property to Craven, stressed, "The village does not own the road beyond the blacktop. Beyond the blacktop, it is not a dedicated road. It is a right-of-way."

Having made this point, Rudes, the board and Superintendent of Highways Roger Blanchard agreed to have the highway department do the repairs. Blanchard said he would bring the unpaved section back to its pre-winter, summer condition.

"I just want the road fixed and I'll maintain it beyond the blacktop [in the future]," Craven promised.

In the future, the village will only plow snow on the blacktop section and use a small truck, not the garbage truck, to pick up garbage.

"This is the last time we are going to fix [the right-of-way section] of that road," Rudes declared.

In other highway matters, Blanchard reported spring street sweeping was done except for the sidewalks. "We will do the sidewalks this week and next as weather permits" he said.

Blanchard also reported the pavilion is open and work will now focus on cleaning up the ball field and cemetery.

Blanchard will advertise for summer help.


-- Rudes reported the pay phone at the pavilion has been removed, saving the village $31 a month.

-- Clerk/Treasure Bonnie Page reported all last year's lifeguards -- Jackie Lewis, Stephanie Page, Samantha Blanchard and Rianna Herring -- would be returning this year. The beach is scheduled to open June 22 and close Sept. 2.

The Board of Trustees will next meet Monday, May 13, starting at 7 p.m. in Village Hall.