Article had errors

Updated May 18, 2013 to add information (see Editor's Note)

Dear Cris,

I was dismayed at the factual errors and misleading implications in "Long Lake draft budget is not yet OK'd." Mr. Klein was not present at the April 16 BOE meeting. Since he did not contact any Board of Education members, the reliability of his source is questionable.

First, the BOE approved a budget under the tax cap on April 18.

Mr. Klein then characterized the content of executive session. Executive session is strictly confidential, and divulging any information discussed therein is illegal. Mr. Klein's source may be in violation of the law.

Mr. Klein also described the BOE-superintendent relationship as "sometimes rocky," and stated that we have had nine superintendents since 1996. We have had five superintendents in 17 years, which is consistent with the average length of school superintendent tenure nationwide.

Mr. Klein inaccurately reported the sequence and wording of motions. Two motions regarding interviewing and evaluation were made in open meeting, not after [but before] executive session. The motion regarding evaluation did not state that the BOE would be responsible for conducting Annual Professional Performance Reviews of teachers.

The intent of this motion was to address difficulties small schools encounter. Since we do not have department heads or assistant principals to observe and evaluate staff, we must rely on one individual (the superintendent) to perform these extensive functions.

I was suggesting that more individuals could help in the process. In the interim, counsel has advised me that the introduction of APPR complicates this matter, so I will [make a motion to] rescind this motion at the next BOE meeting.

Motions made after executive session were also erroneously reported. A motion to extend the superintendent's contract for one year [did not die for lack of a second; it] was defeated, with a vote of zero ayes and five nays. Another, [not reported,] to grant the superintendent a 2 percent raise for the next school year, also failed, with two ayes and three nays.

More extensive fact-checking and the use of multiple sources would result in better accuracy.

Mike Nerney, vice president

Long Lake Central School District Board of Education

Editor's Note: Reporters do not cover meetings to take minutes; an article will not necessarily present information in the same words or the same order at which it came up at a meeting. Mr. Klein's list of superintendents includes interim and acting superintendents. Regarding the motions Mr. Nerney says were inaccurately reported, according to the minutes of the board's April 16, 2013 meeting, posted by Clerk of the Board Victoria Snide on the school's website:

Approved: On Motion by Michael Nerney, seconded by Hallie Bond, Board of Education members have the ability to evaluate staff using existing metrics of APPR. Michael Nerney, Hallie Bond, and Kristen Brosnan approved the Motion. Christine Campeau and ChristineBlumberg opposed the Motion.

Failed: On Motion by Michael Nerney, seconded by Christine Campeau, to extend the contract of the Superintendent by one year to June 30, 2016. Michael Nerney, Christine Campeau, Hallie Bond, Kristen Brosnan and Christine Blumberg opposed the Motion. Christine Blumberg feels that the current Superintendent’s contract needs to be completely rewritten.