Speaking for the deer

Dear Cris,

I have some suggestions for forest rangers and environmental conservation officers.

Team 1: forest rangers, Encon, wildlife department, law enforcement, politicians, teachers, churches, forestry all have unlimited money and access to the media.

Team 2: Trappers, hunters, fishermen, hikers, bird watchers are only allowed 350 words or less in newspapers a month.

Team 3: Animals. They can't read or write or watch TV; how can Team 3 win? I'm trying to be a voice for the deer.

A new deer study is needed in Hamilton County, especially around Speculator. The old study was wrong and obtained in the wrong way (they said the deer were starving). Have deer moved into logging areas where brush and weeds are waist high?

Checkpoints are needed during hunting season to voluntarily collect head, legs, lungs and liver for age and disease and where killed. Fish and game clubs would gladly man them.

The deer, moose, beaver, eagle, turkey and fisher populations in the wilderness should be checked. They are low due to less deer kill in winters.

Longer camping permits should be issued to people who care about wildlife in wilderness, especially trappers.

Pushing unwanted campers into wilderness will cause milfoil to spread. The lean-tos are already overcrowded. What's next? More lean-tos and outhouses.

Do a study on feeding deer. If it's determined to be good, let's feed deer back in, away from towns and roads.

Are forest rangers and Encon for or against more gun control? What are the goals for wilderness in the future?

Snowmachine trails should be along main roads or rail trails. Sportsmen, if you like these ideas pass them along for me. Wild forest forever...

Lewis M. Page