Morehouse Volunteer Fire Department / Ambulance Squad

Morehouse Volunteer Fire Department / Ambulance Squad is very thankful our members, who give of themselves to help others and take time out of their busy schedules to make the middle of the night runs, regardless of the weather; for always putting others ahead of yourselves... Your dedication goes above and beyond what is expected.

A lot of dedication and hours go into becoming an EMT or certified first responder, but it is very rewarding. All training is at no cost to members of the department.

There were EMT classes held this past winter in Speculator and one person from Morehouse attended... welcome aboard Mike Korpon.

All our local ambulance squads need volunteers, so please consider volunteering with your local ambulance.

The Morehouse squad has 16-20 calls a year. Anyone interested in joining is asked to contact Amanda Seeley at (315) 826-7509.