Speculator Volunteer Ambulance Corps

SPECULATOR - Speculator Volunteer Ambulance Corps responded to its first call April 27, 1970, 43 years ago.

We currently have 27 members: two certified first responders, 12 EMTs, two paramedics, one critical care technician and 10 motor vehicle operators. Sounds like a lot, but numbers don't tell the whole story.

In 2013 the corps answered 160 calls, volunteered 1,570 man-hours, traveled over 13,397 miles and spent well over 1,000 man-hours in training. That does not include the time spent on administrative duties, equipment and vehicle maintenance, community events, etc.

It is a real challenge to schedule enough volunteers to cover the 168 hours in each week. If you are interested in joining give us a call at 548-5911.

Every penny of our operating expenses is raised by donations; no local tax money is involved. A sincere thank you to all who assist us. When you help us with your tax-deductible contributions you are truly helping everyone in your community.

All our members are volunteers; we have no payroll and SVAC has never sent a bill for services. Donations can be sent to Speculator Volunteer Ambulance Corps, POB 282, Speculator NY 12164.


Here are some facts about us you may not know.

• We cover the Town of Lake Pleasant and the Village of Speculator, and provide mutual aid as requested and as available.

• The year-round population in our service area is about 1,000; the summer daily population is reliably estimated at about 11,000.

• Our primary operating territory covers about 52 square miles.

• We have three state campgrounds, three children's camps and one large family resort in our territory.

• About 45 percent of our calls are trauma-related and 55 percent are medical problems.


Dave Abrahamsen

Kara Aird

Greg Bastian

Nancy Bastian

Melinda Batchelor

Dan Burgess

Eric Dale

Paul Exman

Mark Hughes

Randy LaVarnway

Ken Kuhrt

Bob Kuiken

Dick Mayers

Joyce Mulleedy

Phil Mulleedy

Sean O'Brien

Judy Olenik

Janice Rajca

Marty Shean 

Tim Smith

Mike Tracy

Spencer Tracy

Scott Visscher