LL town board okays roadwork


Express News Staff

LONG LAKE - The Town of Long Lake Highway Department will spend up to $167,306 on roadwork this year.

The department will resurface, reconstruct and repair culverts on Kickerville Lane from about 153 Kickerville Lane to Grange Park and on Endion Lane from approximately 118 Endion Lane to Abenaki Trail Way.

Endion Lane from Abenaki Trail Way to the end of the new pavement (the Bissell line) will be micro-sealed.

Moving from road to water infrastructure, the Long Lake Town Board has amended the Long Lake Municipal Water Project's November 2012 contract for the Stanton Hill wells control building and telemetry, which will save the town $29,839.

The board has also agreed to have JD's Pump and Drilling Service, Wevertown, install two 15 horsepower pumps at the Bissell Pit (one in each well) with associated parts and well monitors for $22,000.


The board agreed to hold an auction for the Lake Eaton property Friday, June 28, at the Town Offices Building.

Bid packets are available at the Town Offices. The five highest bids received will be invited to attend a round-robin bidding process the same day.


Paul Hai, who produced the Rt. 28N YouTube video that embarrassed the state Department of Transportation into beginning work to improve the highway, attended the board's May 29 meeting to ask for $500 to help cover cost overruns of $1,000. The Town of Newcomb has already committed the other $500.

In March the board unanimously declined to support the cost of the video with a $500 donation. Newcomb originally donated $3,000 toward it.

The Long Lake Town Board has now agreed to the $500 contribution, but with Councilman Richard Dechene voting against it. The video can be seen on YouTube at http://youtu.be/tuv0_cP-0yU.

Rt. 28N is the only road across the middle of the Adirondack Park. It was last rebuilt in 1979, 34 years ago.


-- The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mt. Lake has awarded the Long Lake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department $2,200 toward the Second Annual RondeauFest music festival July 27.

-- The board approved hiring Erin Barton as events coordinator.

The board will next meet Wednesday, June 26, starting at 7:30 p.m. in Town Hall.