Kudos to Cub Scout Pack 92

Dear Cris,

The members of American Legion Post 1392 in Indian Lake want to commend and thank Cub Scout Pack 92 for the work they recently did at the Legion Hall.

Post 1392 sponsored the forming of a new Cub Scout pack in Indian Lake with Kelly and Chris Aldous as organizers and adult pack leaders. They currently have six members.

Liaison between The Boy Scouts of America, Pack 92 and the Legion Post will be handled by former Eagle Scout and Legionnaire Marty Trometter.

Recently, as a working project, the pack built and installed new stairs for the side basement entrance of the Legion Hall. In addition, they planted petunias around the base of the war memorial in front and along the front of the building. Part of their project is to water and care for these flowerbeds.

It's organizations and projects such as these that help form good sound character in our youngsters; way to go Pack 92.

Frank Casazza, service officer

American Legion Post 1392

Indian Lake