School board votes for building project



WELLS - The Wells Central School District Board of Education has unanimously decided to hold a vote Aug. 13 on a proposed $942,800 building project.

The board discussed the scope of the project when it met May 22, going over a list of items compiled by Mosaic Associates Architects, Albany, before deciding everything on the list should be done.

Of the total, $688,800 or 73 percent is to add security measures and $254,000 or 27 percent is for other needs. The original part of the school is 50 years old.

The proposed security measures include the following.

-- Doors and Door Hardware / Room Relief Ventilation ($228,000): Replace a number of doors and provide a new hardware system. The new system will permit school personnel to replace cores in lever handle hardware, change keying and control distribution of keys. All classrooms will be able to be locked down. Doors with grills and large panes of glass, primarily in the elementary wing, will be replaced.

-- Vestibule ($136,000): Construct an exterior vestibule under the overhang and replace the existing doors. It is anticipated that a new foundation wall will be needed under the new doors and part of the sidewalk needs to be replaced. The new glass would be bulletproof.

-- Security Cameras: ($78,800): Exterior and indoor cameras to monitor the entrances, corridors and other spaces.

-- Access Control ($74,000): All exterior doors will have secure key fob (or card swipe) access to record entry when doors are normally locked. Any lost key fobs could be disabled and school personnel could create new fobs.


-- Network Upgrades ($92,000): Replace switches and servers to create a more robust wired computer system and to accommodate the cameras, access control and wireless hubs.

-- Gym Lighting ($54,000): Replace existing lights with instant-on energy efficient and long-life type. The existing lights are original.

-- Loading Dock Reconstruction ($45,000).

-- Wireless Infrastructure ($40,000): Installing nodes above ceilings to enable wireless access to the Internet throughout the building.

-- Playground Surfacing ($23,000): engineered wood fiber playground chips mulch.

-- Door Hardware ($2,000): new locksets on existing doors.

The total cost of the project, including architects' fees, is estimated at $942,800. Mosaic Associates has promised to help the district with informational meetings.

Note: This article is based on draft minutes of the May 22, 2013 meeting of the Wells Central School District Board of Education as provided by District Clerk Kathleen Towers.