LL school board member resigns


Express News Staff

LONG LAKE - Kristen Brosnan has resigned from the Long Lake Central School District Board of Education.

Brosnan wrote in a May 23 letter to District Clerk Victoria Snide, "I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign my position on the Board of Education ... effective immediately.

"I will no longer be a resident of Long Lake as of Aug. 1; therefore I can no longer serve on the Board of Education..."

Reached for comment Friday, Brosnan said, "My family is relocating near Niskayuna. I have worked as a research scientist at GE for the past six years in Niskayuna and the commute back and forth is too much, with two one-year-olds and we are expecting again (at the end of the year)."

Brosnan said although her family will be in town for the next month or so, she is spending most of her time in Niskayuna.

"I am concentrating on our relocation," she said. "It was my pleasure to be able to serve on the Board of Education at Long Lake Central School District while a resident. This town certainly is a special place and we will miss it."

Brosnan was elected to the board in 2011, with a term to expire in 2014.

The Board of Education will next meet Thursday, June 13, when it will decide what course to take to fill the vacancy.