Subdivision won't have homes


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE - When one hears talk about a proposed subdivision, one naturally thinks new homes are involved.

This is clearly not the case for a subdivision proposed by John Carroll and his neighbor, Judy Arsenault. They currently co-own a lot on Lake Shore Drive in Sabael between lots they own individually and on which they have homes.

When the Indian Lake Planning Board met Wednesday, June 5, Arsenault and Carroll submitted an application for a permit to subdivide their jointly owned lot, with each owning half.

The original intent of the co-ownership was to prevent the lot between their homes from being developed. The subdivision they are requesting will continue this goal, because it will not result in a new building right for either Arsenault or Carroll.

A question arose as to whether the request could be handled as a simply boundary line adjustment, because the net effect would be the same and a public hearing would not be needed.

Attorney to the Planning Board Michael Hill and Chairman William Seymour opposed that idea, because the property is being divided and there is nothing in the town's land use regulations that would allow it to be treated as anything other than a subdivision.

The board agreed it has a completed application and scheduled a public hearing for its Wednesday, Aug. 7, meeting. The board will not meet in July.