Reconsider tenure vote

Dear Editor,

At a meeting May 14, 2013 the Long Lake Central School District Board of Education denied tenure to Joseph Koehring, language teacher at the school, despite the recommendation of the superintendent that he be granted tenure.

The vote was two affirmative and two negative, with the board president abstaining from the vote, stating she did not have enough information to make a decision. Since the item had been on the agenda for the April board meeting, she had plenty of time to get the information she needed to make an informed decision and cast her vote at the May meeting.

The reason she gave for her abstention is questionable, as public elected officials have an obligation to study and become informed about the issues that come before them, and to vote accordingly.

I have reviewed Mr. Koehring's evaluations with him, and I can find no reason that he was denied tenure; the last time I spoke with him [last] week he still did not know the reasons why two board members voted to deny him tenure.

Since one of those board members has apparently resigned since the May meeting and the board president does not have enough information to make a decision, I feel the remaining board member who voted nay owes Mr. Koehring the courtesy of an explanation for his decision.

As a concerned resident of the school district, I feel some board members have treated Mr. Koehring very unfairly. If anyone else shares my concerns, I encourage you to attend the board meeting Thursday, June 13, at 7 p.m. and voice your support for Mr. Koehring.

I would also implore the new board of education, which will convene in July, to reconsider Mr. Koehring's tenure issue at their July meeting.

Jules Comeau, DDS

Long Lake