WIB executive director ousted


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE - North Country Workforce Investment Board Executive Director E.J. Siwek was recently forced to resign as a result of "inappropriate emails," according to Hamilton County WIB Chairman Bill Murphy.

This news was confirmed at the NC WIB website, which has posted the following ad: "The North Country Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is seeking a professional Executive Director for the four county region covered by the Workforce Investment Act. The WIB initiates strategic workforce solutions in Clinton, Essex, Franklin, and Hamilton counties."

Siwek, of Hague, was appointed to the position just last summer, following a nearly four-month search for a new executive director.

Mary Beth McKee, the past director of program services, is filling the position for a few months while the WIB searches for a new executive director. McKee was laid off last June due to budget cuts.

Murphy broke the news to the local WIB when it met Tuesday, June 4, at the county building in Indian Lake.

Murphy looked at the positive side when he said he would do everything possible to get McKee to come to Hamilton County while she is acting executive director, because of the wealth of information about the inner workings of the WIB that she could provide.

"I'll drive her down here and feed her if need be," he said.

The North Country WIB serves Clinton, Essex, Franklin and Hamilton counties.


Adirondack Teleworks employee Alyssa Cuthbert reported there are currently 308 jobs listed on the website.

"There are currently 369 subscribers to the site and the number of subscribers continues to grow each day with one or two new registrants," she added. "The Adirondack Teleworks brochure has been updated with the new amount of jobs and subscribers."

Cuthbert said Michele Armani, program director for AmeriCorps for the Adirondacks, is in the process of creating a curriculum for a possible 12-week course.

Courses could include typing, digital literacy, customer service and email etiquette.

WCNY, Syracuse, recently gave Hamilton County and Adirondack Teleworks some visibility when it conducted an interview about how broadband affects the area.

Cuthbert said, "WCNY interviewed local teleworkers and [founder] Bill Murphy. This gave the Adirondack Teleworks website some promotion."


Murphy reported the Town of Indian Lake Public Library is assuming a leadership role in reinventing how libraries operate in Hamilton County. The library has already been instrumental in starting new educational opportunities for Indian Lakers.

Seminars offered at the library have included elementary computer classes, Excel training classes and even eBay classes.

The Indian Lake Library has taken the approach that the seminar offerings will be constructed as incubator courses. As successful seminars and courses are identified and completed, the library will present this information to Indian Lake Central School for consideration in its adult education series.

Murphy said, "The library can also be used as a resource for identifying business information and keeping an inventory of business programs and financial help. Working closely with the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce, the library will support the chamber's revitalization efforts."


DSS Commissioner Roberta Bly reported she expects to place four to five local youths with local employers in the summer job program.

Bly also said she is looking for people who would like to become certified day care providers. Training is available.

The Hamilton County WIB is scheduled to next meet Tuesday, Aug. 13, starting at 9:30 p.m. at the county building in Lake Pleasant.